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Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance

Make sure your next trip is “care-free”.

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Barrie, ON

Just like taking sunscreen with you on vacation, having travel insurance is something you should automatically take into consideration when planning your holiday. Although OHIP is great, it does not fully cover medical bills once you are out of Ontario. If you don’t have an Emergency Medical Insurance plan and say you experience a sprained ankle, require simple stitches, or even need a prescription, it can cost you hundreds of dollars, even thousands out of your pocket.

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Many Different Policies to Choose From

Depending on the plan, travel insurance can save you from unforeseen medical costs, baggage loss, even trip cancellation! There are different plans for different needs:

1. Emergency Medical Only

If travelling outside the country, your province or territory, financial implications from an unforeseen illness or injury could be devastating. In some cases, the costs surrounding an injury or illness could be completely covered by purchasing this affordable coverage option.

2. Medical and Non-Medical Vacation Package Plans

Many providers now recommend protection for loss of baggage or personal property, travel documents going missing, trip cancellation or even an interruption. This gives travellers added confidence regarding their belongings and the trip itinerary.

3. More Than One Single Trip Plan

Whether you are taking a trip across the border or a week out west or an extended trip overseas, Multi-Trip Plans can be a super way to protect yourself. How many trips do you take per year? If you tend to travel more than once a Multi-Trip Plan that covers you for multiple trips, is a wise consideration.

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