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Immediate Annuities

Annuities Barrie


Constant, reliable income when you need it.

So professional, so helpful…took the time to make sure I was comfortable with every step. I have used Darren ever since and will never use anybody else.

Leif C.
Barrie, ON

Is it something for you?

When looking for guaranteed, expected income, but you don’t want to make continual investment decisions, try looking at an annuity.

How Does It Work?

The amount of income you receive from an annuity is based upon several factors, including the amount you deposit, your current age, interest rates etc. In exchange for a one-time deposit, you received guaranteed, income payouts.

Benefits and Key Features

Choose from an immediate annuity for life or for a specific term. There are generally 4 types of immediate annuities to choose from:

  • Guaranteed income for your spouse, your loved ones and yourself: Guaranteed income for life to you and your spouse known as Joint & Last Survivor Annuities with a guaranteed payment period.
  • Guaranteed income for your loved ones & yourself: If you pass on before the end of the guaranteed period, the Single Life Annuities will continue to pay the income to your named beneficiary.
  • Guaranteed income for life: Single Life Annuities pay you a guaranteed income so long as you survive. After death, there are no further payments.
  • Guaranteed income for a specific term: Term specific annuities pay you a guaranteed income for only a specific amount of time.
  • Flexible and Accessible: You must be between 35 and 85 years of age in order to purchase. Choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly payments.

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