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5 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Mortgage Broker

5 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Mortgage Broker


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Want excellent customer service, access to the best mortgage rates and peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands? Then you need to work with a mortgage broker when it’s time to buy your next property, renew your mortgage or take out a home equity loan!

It’s an old misconception that a mortgage broker is a last resort for people who can’t get approved for a mortgage or loan from the big banks, but that’s not the reality. I work with a large variety of clients, most of whom come to me for the terrific customer service and great rates! I’ve outlined the top 5 reasons as to why working with an accredited, registered mortgage broker is a safe, sound and financially savvy option for everyone:

  1. Industry knowledge

Qualified Canadian mortgage brokers have a lot of expertise. We take courses, get certified, and follow strict industry guidelines. A professional mortgage broker will keep up on business trends, learn the latest news on interest rates, real estate markets, investments, and all things finance. We also work closely with other financial institutions and lenders, sharing the latest updates and information.

Be sure to always investigate a mortgage broker’s credentials, experience, reviews and references before signing on; if you can’t find any information, that’s likely a red flag.

  1. No fees & great rates

It’s true! You don’t pay any fees for mortgage-related services, as your mortgage broker will be compensated by the lenders or banks they work with. Some mortgage brokers offer additional services beyond mortgages such as investments, insurance and so on, in which case certain fees may be warranted.

In terms of interest rates, mortgage brokers work with a wide selection of lenders, and we’ll shop around to find a rate and mortgage term that’s best suited to YOU.

  1. Transparency

There’s no secret insider information when it comes to getting a mortgage. This includes knowing who the lender is, or why you were approved or disapproved. A reputable, professional mortgage broker will explain the entire process and keep you informed at each step of the way. We’re here to offer our valued clients the best customer service, with nothing to hide.

  1. Trust

A good mortgage broker is your ally. We have your best interests at heart, and you can trust that we’ll do our best for you; our clients aren’t numbers to us, you are real people! We are also under a legal obligation to follow all privacy laws and regulations, and we are very professional when it comes to your personal, confidential information.

  1. Flexibility

Tired of hearing, “That’s how we’ve always done things”? Unlike some of the rigid systems in place when dealing with certain banks or lenders, mortgage brokers can offer resourceful, flexible mortgage solutions. We also have flexible work hours too, so if you need to meet up on a weekend or weeknight…no problem!

It’s nice knowing you have options beyond the big banks when it comes to your mortgage or mortgage renewal. If you’re searching for a mortgage solution that genuinely works for you, connect with me today and let’s get to work! Not only do I have the most up-to-date training, credentials and experience, but I’ve got a solid reputation for being a true mortgage professional. Call me today at (705) 315-0516 and let’s do things the better way!

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