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6 Home Improvement Secrets To Increasing The Value Of Your Home

6 Home Improvement Secrets To Increasing The Value Of Your Home

Whether you’re ready for a change around the house or you’re looking to list your home for sale in today’s hot market, you might be contemplating a few renovations. But, what renovations give you the best bang for your buck and will help you not only improve the visual of your home but also increase the value of your home at the same time? Well, we’ve talked with the best of the best in buying and selling homes to bring you our 6 best-kept secrets of home improvements that truly boost the value of your home.1614544_10154044101217454_7654445725298355893_o

  1. Have a home inspection done to discover any big issues

That’s right, before you do anything else, invest in a professional home inspection to take a deeper look into what problem areas you might want to focus on first. When buyers are hunting for their dream home, they are going to be on the lookout for any problematic areas themselves before calling in their home inspector to give it to them straight. Calling in an inspector ahead of your potential buyers will let you stay ahead of the curve and take care of any issues before you even put your home on the market.

  1. Take care of the little things before undergoing big renovations

A stunning new kitchen or gorgeous arbour stone at the front gate might inspire a few ooh’s and awe’s but, when they see the rust around the bathtub faucet or step on that dreadfully creaky floorboard in the living room, their first impression of your home is likely to fade. Taking a quick tour around the home yourself or have a friend take a tour to point out – in all honesty – the areas that they think need improving. Tackling the little things like replacing a cracked window or cleaning the grout around the shower will ensure that the honey-do list isn’t being built while potential buyers tour your home. Completing these small fixes mostly just takes time and a little elbow grease, but is time well invested and will be reflected in your overall valuation of the home at first glance.

  1. Trim the trees

Landscaping is often overlooked when seeking solid investments to improve the value of your home, and though it is true that nice little garden in the front yard can add curb appeal, it’s not on the top of the list for creating a return on your investment. Trimming the trees on your property, on the other hand, can prove to be a value booster, especially if those trees are near the house itself. Trimming the trees back can bring more light into the house, making it feel more airy and spacious, but it can also prevent or expose areas of mold on the roof. If you trim the trees back and find mold, cleaning it up and replacing any damage on the roof will be an improvement surely to add value to your home.

  1. Update the floors & say goodbye to dinghy carpet

There are so many options when it comes to new flooring that can fit into almost any budget. Taking the time to tear up old carpets can not only give a fresh, new look to your home, but it will also have a strong return in relation to the value of your home. Carpets also tend to hold bacteria and dirt which can lead to unwanted aromas throughout the home. You might not notice them, but you can bet those exploring your home for the first time will. Hardwood flooring is always a favourable choice, though there are many laminate products available that can give you a high-end look and feel without the price tag. Shop around and check out a few flooring magazines to get a little inspiration on how you could cash in on this renovation.

  1. Open up the floor plan & create space

In today’s hot market, open floor plans with plenty of light are in high demand. If you’re looking to take on a bit larger of a project, knocking out a few walls in the house to create space, can greatly increase the value of your home. Just be sure to consult a professional ahead of demolition day to make sure that the wall you’re planning to remove isn’t a load bearing one. Removing a load bearing wall could in fact cause structural damage to the house and have an adverse impact on your end goal.

  1. Spiff Up The Kitchen & Bathroom

Last but not least, spiff up the kitchen and the bathroom if possible. The kitchen is the heart of the home where many family meals and entertaining will happen. Making sure that there is plenty of storage and a high-end appearance is a sure fire way to increase the value of your home. Improving the bathroom will also help increase its value, making it not only as spacious and functional as possible but giving it a spa-like atmosphere is sure to be a sought-after feature of the home.

For more renovation ideas, tips and tricks check out, or ask an expert designer, but keep in mind that not every stunning addition to your home is worth its weight in gold. A home, after all, is truly only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, but if you stick to these best-kept secrets of home improvements, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your home’s value.



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