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Blog Category: Amortization

  • Mortgage Amortization – What You Need to Know - Choosing the right amortization period is crucial when selecting the ideal mortgage. While many focus on the mortgage term due to its impact on interest rates, the amortization period plays a significant role too. Despite its longer duration, it’s a vital aspect to ponder whether you’re purchasing your first home, second home, or are renewing ...
  • Mortgage Refinancing — A Complete Guide Without The Mystery - Ever wondered about the ins and outs of mortgage refinancing? Simply put, it’s like hitting the reset button on your home loan. You break free from your current mortgage, settle the bill, and jump into a new loan with its own terms and a fresh interest rate. Timing and careful consideration are key to making ...
  • Understanding The Difference Between Amortization And Your Mortgage Term - When you’re looking for a new mortgage, or renewing your existing mortgage, sometimes all the different dates and numbers can get a bit confusing – not to mention the wording and contractual obligations. Before you sign on the dotted line, and end up getting yourself locked into something you’re not happy with, let’s look at ...
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