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Home Purchase Professionals You Need for Your Winning Team

Home Purchase Professionals You Need for Your Winning Team

Darren Robinson Home Purchase Professionals

It wasn’t that long ago that our Toronto Raptors brought home that long-awaited NBA Championship, and while Kawhi Leonard was undoubtedly a superstar MVP, it was the work of the entire team that earned them their success. The same is true when purchasing a property; you need a solid team of professionals to ensure a successful process from beginning to end. Let’s have a look at who makes up a winning team so you can be a champ at the real estate game:

  • Lender/mortgage broker

Mortgages comes in all sizes, styles and rates, which is why it’s important to get a mortgage that’s tailored for you. At a lot of the big banks for example, many customers can feel like just a number, and that their best interests are not being looked after. Working with an accredited lender or mortgage broker who knows you and your financial situation will help alleviate a lot of potential hassles. They will support you with your pre-approval, as well as walk you through the entire process so there are no last-minute surprises. Read here for more on how to find a great mortgage broker.

  • Real estate sales representative

While some people may attempt a DIY approach to home purchases and sales, it’s advisable to work with a reputable Realtor to make sure all your bases are covered. Your sales agent will be an expert on the real estate market in your area; they understand the game and all the players involved. They’ll also negotiate for you to help ensure you get exactly what you want. Further, your agent will have a thorough knowledge of local resources, so be sure to ask for recommendations. Your team is not complete without the expertise of a good Realtor.

  • Real estate lawyer

Think of a real estate lawyer as the ‘closer’; the player who has the energy and expertise to get the job done, right up until the buzzer goes off. Your real estate legal team will not only help with the various closing day details and ensure you get the keys on time, they’ll also support you with all the paperwork and ensure everything is thoroughly checked over. They will alert you to any concerns, and you’ll have the comfort in knowing that you’re fully, legally protected.

  • Home inspector

Your home inspector may be on the bench for much of your real estate purchase process, but when you need to call on one, they’ll get the job done. A home inspection can reveal all kinds of unwelcome issues with your potential dream home, so don’t pass on this important step. With a home inspection, you’ll have a better idea of what shape the property is in, what repairs are needed, and a broad idea what it will cost you. Armed with this information, you’re in a solid position to make your next move: buy now or keep looking.

  • Mover

Finally, after you’ve gotten pre-approved for your mortgage, found that perfect property and completed the paperwork, inspection, and closing details, you still have one important ‘play’ left in the game: Moving! It’s not just about finding a moving company who will show up on time, but also take good care of your cherished belongings and your new home in the process. A reliable mover can make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful experience.

As you can see, it takes a whole team of professionals to help you get from thinking of buying that home, condo or vacation property to actually moving in and getting settled. Be sure to seek out the best players for your team; get recommendations and referrals and check all credentials. As an experienced, reputable mortgage broker here in Simcoe County, call on me to be on your team. I’ve got your back and it’s my job to help make sure you have a winning experience when it comes time to buy your next home. Connect today at 705-315-0516  to book your appointment and let’s get in the game!

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