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Safe & Sound – Security Tips for Your Cottage

Safe & Sound – Security Tips for Your Cottage

security tips for your cottage Darren Robinson

I’ve talked a bit about vacation, cottage and other recreational property purchases recently, so it only seems natural to explore the importance of how to protect your big investment and help to keep it safe and sound, all year round.

A cottage or chalet is meant to be your time to relax and escape the ‘9-5’ mentality, but in order to feel truly comfortable and confident about it, there are a few steps to take to enhance its security. Unfortunately, break-ins and thefts are all too common, which is why I’ve outlined various ways to increase your security:

  • Hide anything tempting

There are several alluring items for potential thieves around a cottage such as BBQs, propane tanks, canoes, kayaks, and even lawn furniture. Keep these items locked up and out of site when not in use. If you have electronics and other valuables inside that are in plain view, be sure to hide them away if you’ll be gone for an extended period, or better yet, take them home with you if they aren’t too cumbersome.

  • Make it looked lived in

If a would-be burglar thinks there’s a chance someone could be home at any minute, they’re less likely to attempt a break in. For this reason, make sure you install some bright security lighting (motion detectors are great for this), and use timers with different settings. Sure, you’ll have to pay for the hydro bills, but LED or even solar lighting is cost-effective and well worth the few extra dollars each month.

You’ll also want to have someone check your mail if you have door-to-door deliveries, and clear your driveway or walkways of leaves and/or snow. You can hire a local security company for this or ask a neighbour if they can help out.

  • Get technical

There are so many amazing tools and clever gadgets available these days that can boost your cottage security. From hidden cameras and alarms, barking dog sounds or bright lighting that you can activate remotely, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have added security measures in place. The only issue is when there is a power outage or no Wi-Fi; you’ll need to rely on other security options in those instances.

  • Get insured

It’s surprising how many people don’t bother to get the right insurance when it comes to their cottage. Just like a primary residence, you’ll want to be insured for fire, flooding and so on, as well as theft and liability. The more you do to enhance your cottage security, the less you may have to pay on insurance premiums.

  • Doors & windows

While you’ll naturally lock your doors and windows when you leave your cottage, make sure they have added security. For example, install solid core doors and deadbolt locks on your exterior, use wood or metal sticks to secure windows, or go the extra step to board them up security for extended time away. Don’t forget to secure any outbuildings such as a boathouse, shed or bunkie.

A cottage or vacation property is not only a fun family getaway, it’s your investment. Be sure to protect it as best you can with these simple steps. For all things related to buying a home, cottage, chalet or recreational property in Simcoe County and beyond, be sure to connect with me. As an experienced financial planner and mortgage broker, it’s my job to help you along every step of the purchase process, and ensure you’re getting the best rate and mortgage that’s tailored to you. Call me today and book your appointment.

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