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Bracing Yourself For The Spring Real Estate Market

Bracing Yourself For The Spring Real Estate Market

spring real estate market

spring real estate market

The grass is greener, the flowers are popping up, the sunshine is beaming down on your back deck, and the birds are happily chirping away. It’s finally Spring! No more snow to shovel, just raking, gardening, and grass cutting ahead. However, if you plan on selling your home, you may want to add a few more items to that to-do list. Traditionally, the spring real estate market is the best time to buy or sell your home. To help get you started, I’ve put this quick checklist together for you whether you are looking or listing this spring.

I find a few of the most common reasons why the spring real estate market is the best time to sell a home include;

  • The supply of ready and willing buyers is the highest as they want to move in the warm weather;
  • Buyers typically get their income tax returns in spring which can be put towards a down payment;
  • Homes will typically show better with more daylight hours;
  • Landscaping and curb appeal during the spring are better than in the fall or winter.

How to get pre-approved before rates go up

Getting pre-approved by a mortgage broker, like myself, Darren Robinson can help you secure the lowest interest rates. Even if you’re just browsing, you never know when your dream home will pop up. Already being pre-approved for your mortgage means that you’ll be able to make a solid offer without financial conditions which is an important position to be in with this hot real estate market right now and its bidding wars.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage doesn’t cost you anything, and it makes your house hunt easier because you will know what you can afford and plan for your offers in advance. When you get pre-approved, the rate locks in for around 90-120 days, so you should do it now while the rates are still low even if you’re not planning on starting your house hunt for a few weeks.

Current real estate stats

Currently, home sales are down slightly but the average price of a house is increasing every month. This means there are fewer houses on the market, so you want to be ready when the home of your dreams gets listed. To check out monthly real estate stats, check out this link for information on Barrie and the surrounding area.

A checklist when selling your home

1. Start tidying up your yard, including getting rid of clutter, keeping the grass and gardens well kept, and possibly adding some colourful, new garden planters. First impressions are very important.

  • Reseal driveway
  • Freshly mulch flowerbeds and gardens
  • Trim shrubs and bushes
  • Plant bright flowers and plants
  • Clean windows
  • Wash siding, if applicable

2. Assess any damage that has happened to your home over the winter.

  • Clean and inspect gutters and downspouts
  • Inspect roof and chimney
  • Refresh faded or peeling paint
  • Clean/replace damaged screens on windows and doors

3. Take spring cleaning to a whole new level by ensuring you address all the nooks and crannies of your home.

  • Clean windows
  • Clean light bulbs and replace them, if necessary
  • Wash and polish flooring
  • Vacuum and steam clean any carpeting
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Organize closets and storage areas
  • Declutter, declutter, declutter
  • Repaint/neutralize rooms
  • Deep clean appliances

4. Complete spring maintenance tasks.

  • Service your HVAC systems (furnace and central air conditioning)
  • Evaluate the efficiency of your home
  • Inspect the plumbing (including the well)

A checklist for those looking to buy a home

  1. Remember, houses are selling fast. Talk to a mortgage broker to secure a mortgage pre-approval and be prepared to make your offer right away when the time comes. Don’t hesitate or someone else may sweep up the home you fell in love with.
  2. Houses go on the market more frequently in the springtime, so start searching and bookmarking real estate websites and following their social media pages. Check them every day because new listings will be popping up regularly.
  3. Find a real estate agent you trust. They will help you find the home you’re looking for and often know about homes for sale before they are listed.

Work with professionals to help you navigate the spring real estate market efficiently

Buying or selling a home involves a lot of teamwork. Work with a real estate agent who will access their team to help your house get prepped before it goes on the market. They will help you with staging and cleaning and give you recommendations to help sell your home for top dollar. A good realtor will also have a solid marketing plan ready to go when it comes time to put that for sale sign up.

A trusted, reputable, mortgage broker, like myself, Darren Robinson, can help you secure the lowest mortgage rate and get pre-approved for a mortgage swiftly so you will be ready for the crazy, spring real estate market. Give me a call at 705-315-0516, or click here to book a free consultation with me on my website, and let’s talk about what we need to do to get you ready to buy your next home or cottage.

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