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Barrie Mortgage Broker Testimonials

Great service at a personal level. I didn't feel like I was dealing with a Cobourg bank, but someone who was looking out for my best interests.
Jonathon G.
Mortgage Client, Cobourg, ON
Darren was very prompt in all of our meetings, had great follow up on all inquires, was always professional and was able to answer all of my questions. Darren was an absolute pleasure to deal with; I would recommend him to anyone looking at getting a mortgage in Barrie. In addition to his great service he was able to get us the best rate.
Mark S.
Mortgage Client, Barrie, ON
Darren Robinson is the consummate professional. His eager and thorough response to my mortgage needs resulted in a solution that exceeded my expectations.
Kelli A.
Mortgage Client, Barrie, ON
I have referred several clients to Darren for mortgage advice and could not be happier with the feedback that I have received from my clients.
John H.
Financial Advisor, Ancaster, ON
I have been dealing with Darren as a mortgage broker in my search of a dream home. Darren as been a real facilitator of the mortgage pre-approval process as well as being attentive and very responsive throughout the process. Darren is able to answer all your mortgage needs in a very professional and personalised manner; I highly recommend Darren and I believe that you won’t be disappointed.
Mathieu C.
Mortgage Client, Toronto, ON
Darren’s attention to detail was “spot-on” and the entire process was completely painless from our end. We were pleased on how quickly he was able to respond to all our questions, it felt as we were his top priority. An appreciated performance when we are dealing with all the other stresses in buying/moving a house.
Oliver S.
Mortgage Client, Orangeville, ON
I found Darren to be most attentive in ensuring that the deal was workable, approved and advanced on time. He was of great assistance in completing the deal.
James S.
Real Estate Agent, Barrie, ON
It seemed that Darren understood our needs and the needs of our family even before we did. We liked that he made us feel that we and our business were a priority. He was quick to respond to our questions and calls, and he was clear and concise when explaining the ins and outs of our mortgage, insurance options, and when giving us advice about future choices that we will be making about purchasing our next home. Darren made us feel so comfortable and confident that we’ve already told friends and family to call Darren first!
Kim S. & Devon M.
Mortgage Clients, Barrie, ON
My experience with Darren Robinson was a pleasant surprise to say the least. With a downturn in the economy hurting my business I found myself in not the best of circumstances to be renewing my mortgage. I was even concerned that Darren might not be interested in the challenge my financial profile would present. Instead of realizing my worst fears, Darren took on the challenge as if it was an opportunity for him and in the end I was more than happy with the results he provided and the constant contact and attention to detail he provided. I will now happily recommend his services to all my friends and look forward to my next renewal with him.
Mark S.
Mortgage Clients, Meaford, ON
Darren Robinson has not only helped our clients with their mortgage needs to their great satisfaction, but also helped me personally. I would recommend Darren as a mortgage professional to anyone who wants prompt, no pressure professional service when finding the best financing options available. If one of our clients asks about where to finance their home I send them Darren’s contact information as I know my clients will be in good hands with him.
Jason D.
Real Estate Agent, Toronto, ON
Darren was a pleasure to deal with. He provides fast service and answered all of our questions when we bought our choosing a mortgage. I highly recommend him and am glad we decided to have him help us find the right mortgage for us!
Tracey S.
Real Estate Agent, Barrie, ON
Darren is very organized and efficient. He was very accommodating and helpful. He listened to our concerns and addressed them quickly and confidently. He offered advice non-judgmentally and professionally. He made the mortgage process as stress free as possible. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks.
Ashley S. & Luke C.
Mortgage Clients, Barrie, ON
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