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Investment Property Mortgages Barrie

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Investing in real estate?

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I found Darren to be most attentive in ensuring that the deal was workable, approved and advanced on time. He was of great assistance in completing the deal.

Joy L.
Solicitor, Barrie, ON

Why Does Real Estate Investing Make Such Great Financial Sense?

There is a huge market in Canada for investment property. Moreover, few other financial choices can help you build so much personal wealth.

However, it’s never a simple process so contact me today to benefit from the advice and expertise of an accredited mortgage broker.

Benefits of Property Investment

Property investment is one of the best long-term investments you can make. Every payment made helps you secure extra money for the future. And thanks to the increase and appreciation in property value, you can get much more out than what you put in. Usually, it is more than you can get from the most highly performing bonds and stocks.

In many ways, an investment property can act as an alternate form of pension. Many Canadians do not have workplace pensions, why is why property investment is so popular in Canada. A key advantage of owning extra property is receiving rental income. You can use this income to pay down the mortgage. And in most cases, rental money goes well beyond the amortization, giving you, as an investor, a stable source of extra income to be used as you like.

Investment Property Options

Investing in property is not just for the rich and experienced. It provides just as many advantages for new buyers and first-time investors. Additionally, the extra financial freedom and flexibility can offer even more benefits for these types of buyers.

Many first-time buyers are choosing to invest in properties with multiple residencies, taking the extra money from the extra tenancies and benefiting from a higher value property. Other buyers enter the market when their children first head off to college, buying property so their children can live in it at a reduced cost and so they can capitalize on large student rent payments.

If you are interested in building wealth with investment property, make sure you contact me. There are many things to consider, including what type of property investment is best for you and the important things to know when becoming a landlord. I’m here to help you understand them.

I have experience in both the local Barrie mortgage market and the wider national market in Canada. I have access to an extensive range of lenders so I can secure the best rates for you, offer the most suitable down payments, and investment properties that will build significant wealth for your future.

Award-Winning Mortgage Service…

Darren has consistently won awards for outstanding service!

Darren Robinson Barrie Mortgage Broker Awards

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