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Couple unpacking in their new home after mortgage renewal in Barrie with Darren Robinson

Buying a home?

Get the best advice.
Get the best mortgage rate.
Get a professional mortgage broker.

Darren was a pleasure to deal with. He provides fast service and answered all of our questions when choosing a mortgage. I highly recommend him and am glad we decided to have him help us find the right mortgage for us!

Tracey S.
Real Estate Agent, Barrie, ON

What are my best options when purchasing a home in Barrie and surrounding areas?

Whether you’re looking for your first home, your second home or your first cottage, you’ll benefit greatly from working with an accredited mortgage broker.

With so many different mortgage types, rates and downpayment options, it is always a good idea to get expert financial advice from a professional mortgage broker. You’ll have a much better understanding of what you can afford, how far your current assets will stretch, and how much you can comfortably live with.

Keep in mind that the mortgage itself is only one aspect of buying a home. If you’re switching from an existing mortgage, there are many other considerations you’ll want to keep in mind. That’s where a professional mortgage broker will prove extremely useful… I can save you both time and money!

First-Time Home Buyer

With low mortgage rates continuing in Canada, the market has a lot to offer first-time buyers. However, even with low rates, there is still a huge range of options that you need to consider. These options include the mortgage term, downpayment options, and additional fees and restrictions.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a mortgage broker for your first-time mortgage loan is that I can make sure your mortgage includes features and interest rates that reflect your specific needs. If you need your finances to stretch further, I can help you understand your high-ratio mortgage options and the insured mortgage insurance you need to start off in the property market on the right foot.

Mortgage brokers can also help you plan for all of the costs during your move into your new home. We can help you find the best possible mortgage products. As well as help you understand your financial position and help you maximize your assets.

Repeat Buyer

As a repeat home buyer, you will have at least some experience with the Canadian mortgage market. However, this time around there may be even more options to consider. You may be better off transferring your existing mortgage to your new home or securing a brand new mortgage with a new lender (without incurring extra fees to complete the transaction!). New mortgages can help you access the best terms and lowest rates. This is especially so if your financial picture has improved since you originally purchased your home.

A professional mortgage broker like me can help you figure out where you stand with your current mortgage. I can give you access to the entire mortgage market so you can enjoy the best terms and lowest rates.

New Canadians

As a new Canadian, you might already know that it is important to establish credit as quickly as possible. Switching from renting to buying your home can also be helpful. A skilled mortgage broker like me can help simplify the process when you’re applying for a new mortgage as a new Canadian citizen. I will be happy to explain all of your options so you can buy the residential property of your dreams and get the best possible start to your new life in Canada.

Award-Winning Mortgage Service…

Darren has consistently won awards for outstanding service!

Darren Robinson Barrie Mortgage Broker Awards

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