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Mortgages for the Self-Employed

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Darren’s attention to detail was “spot-on” and the entire process was completely painless from our end. We were pleased on how quickly he was able to respond to all our questions, it felt as we were his top priority. An appreciated performance when we are dealing with all the other stresses in buying/moving a house.

Oliver S.
Mortgage Client, Orangeville, ON

Financial Options for Self-Employed Barrie Business Owners

Self-employed Canadians are the trailblazers of the modern economy, but this work style comes with many extra difficulties and uncertainties.

Luckily, one thing is for sure: the financial uncertainty associated with making your own way in life should never limit your ability to own your home. You should not have to deal with extra hassles or hardships just because your “job” doesn’t tick all the usual boxes with mortgage lenders.

Just like anyone, entrepreneurial business owners deserve the same financial prosperity as everyone else. Rest assured that you’ll get the best mortgage options for the self-employed in Canada with a mortgage broker like me.

Mortgage Rule Changes

If you are self-employed, you might have experienced difficulties finding and securing your mortgage. Self-employed business owners have historically had trouble presenting their income and assets positively. In addition, recent mortgage policy changes have made it even harder for the self-employed to secure loans.

Though the market has in recent years recognized the growing number of personal business owners, there are still many restrictions in place and many different steps to fulfill. This is why self-employed business owners can really benefit from a mortgage brokering service.

Your Expert Mortgage Specialist

The self-employed market is constantly changing and there are many different options to choose from. With an expert mortgage broker, you gain valuable advice so you fully understand every available option. You also gain access to a wide range of alternative lenders who are more open to the circumstances of self-employed business owners and are more likely to advance you a mortgage loan.

As a self-employed Canadian, your time is highly valuable. It makes sense that you might not want to secure a new mortgage on your own. I can help you understand your position, access the largest range of options as well as take care of all the difficult and tedious aspects of finding a mortgage, like business and employment documentation, credit reporting and business reporting, so you can focus on building and expanding your business.

Choose the mortgage broker who will tailor a mortgage that works with and for you. You might have a lot of challenges on your plate as a successful Barrie business owner. However, finding the right mortgage shouldn’t be one of them!

Award-Winning Mortgage Service...

Darren has consistently won awards for outstanding service!

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