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My Credit Is Good, Do I Really Need A Mortgage Broker?

My Credit Is Good, Do I Really Need A Mortgage Broker?

Man shaking hands with male mortgage broker in officeIf my credit is good, I don’t need to work with a mortgage broker, right? Actually, no. It’s a common misconception that mortgage brokers can only benefit first-time homebuyers or those struggling with a bad credit rating. The truth is, brokers work with a range of different clients with varying budgets and mortgage needs, from first-time home buyers to retirees looking to downsize, and everyone in between.

Many home buyers are also not sure exactly what a mortgage broker actually does. To clear up any myths and confusion, here’s a rundown of how a mortgage broker can help and why you may want to consider partnering up with an experienced mortgage broker when looking to purchase your home in Barrie or the surrounding areas.

On your side

A mortgage broker is your representative and, as such, will work with your best interests in mind. This means that the mortgage broker you work with will first listen to you and ask questions about your individual needs, goals and financial circumstances. With these in mind, they will then work with lenders to find the best rate and best mortgage solution for you.

Your relationship with your broker will likely also continue after you’ve purchased your new home. In fact, many brokers will actually check up on you on a quarterly basis to review your mortgage and discuss how it’s working out for you.

Free of charge

Many people are surprised to learn that the services provided by a professional mortgage broker are free of charge. The lender that provides the mortgage loan is responsible for paying a mortgage broker for their services.


Not only do mortgage brokers work with your best interest in mind, they also have a ton of experience and industry connections. Mortgage brokers are trained to understand market conditions, the mortgage landscape and the type of mortgage solution that would best suit you.

Mortgage brokers also have the benefit of having developed relationships with several mortgage lenders. As such, they can negotiate better rates and can also source a mortgage on your behalf from different lenders.


Not able to meet during bank hours? No problem. Mortgage brokers are independent and, as such, are able to offer flexible hours to meet with clients. This means that weekend or evening appointments are no problem.

Tackling the tough stuff

If you hate negotiating and paperwork (who doesn’t?), you’ll be happy to hear that a mortgage broker can take these tasks off your plate during the mortgage approval process.  Working on your behalf, your mortgage broker will negotiate your rate with a preferred lender and will also take care of much of the necessary paperwork during the process.

Still not sure whether working with a mortgage broker is the right step for you? As an experienced mortgage broker, I can answer any questions you may have about the process. I can also help you find the best mortgage solution that makes sense for you and your family. Connect with me today at 705-315-0516 to book an appointment.

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